About Us

We are so excited that you found our blog!

If you came to this blog, you might be looking for several things:

  • Healthy recipe ideas for your family.
  • Tips on how to feed your picky eaters.
  • Recipes that contain only real, whole foods.
  • Funny and encouraging stories on how two moms try their best to feed their kids real food!

Our blog started in September 2015 when two creative minds sat down and had a talk about their children’s eating habits. We both noticed that our children had a limited repertoire of the foods they would consume. Dinner plates at our houses left the table full. In restaurants, our children always ate the Kraft Mac n Cheese off the kids menu despite our protests to how little nutrition it had in it. It was tiring to say the least!

In light of all that, we both believed that eating whole foods was the best approach to eating. Our attempts were not easy, some more successful than others but we found that being persistent was truly the key to getting out kids to eat “beyond the kids menu.” So our idea was born to write a blog about the healthy food that we cook our family and how our children like it. The recipes we use and make have all been tried by us. The techniques we talk about when encouraging picky eaters to eat more foods have also been tested on our children.

We know that every family is different and no two kids are the same. There was a time when we would laugh at the recipes we read claiming every kid would love it, and our kids wouldn’t. To this day, there are still foods that our kids won’t eat. (But we’re still trying!)What we can offer is encouragement by sharing our stories with you. We invite you to try our recipes, read our tips, and leave us a message sharing your story or just letting us know what you think.

About Christine

Christine is a wife, mother to three girls, and vegetarian. She has been meatless for over ten years, yet somehow found herself married to a very definite carnivore. Her daughters range in age from fifteen months to seven years. They also range in particularness about what they eat, as well as the willingness to try new foods. When she’s not trying to get her seven-year-old to eat her vegetables, Christine enjoys photography, reading, writing, and (most recently) sewing. She is looking forward to sharing her family’s journey with whole and nourishing foods and hoping to share what they learn along the way.

About Elisha

Elisha is a wife and mother to three beautiful children who are all under the age of seven. When she’s not watching her children she’s usually writing, reading, and baking. A chocolate lover at heart, Elisha loves coming up with new ways to make recipes healthier. (Her kids are her guinea pigs in the kitchen testing out the good AND the bad recipes!) While baking is her favorite, she also finds joy cooking with her husband and changing their once “take-out menu” lifestyle. She believes that eating whole foods has been an eye-opening change for their family and is hoping that she can share her experience to a healthy, stress-free way of eating!

About Kyle

Kyle is the technical genius behind the scenes and Elisha’s other half. (He would argue that he is the better half!) When he’s not working on his computer he is usually working around his house as the live-in handyman and fixer upper. More recently, Kyle has begun cooking more at home. He likes experimenting with spices and whatever he can find in the fridge or freezer. Unlike Elisha, he never uses recipes but refers to his sense of taste as to when the food is ready and complete.


About Us